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Areas of Practice

corporate law

Olson Law Group has experience providing advice regarding business formation and structure and can assist in incorporating a corporation or forming a partnership.  We can act as registered office for your corporation and will prepare annual returns and assist with any required corporate filings. 

We can prepare unanimous shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and joint venture agreements.  We can also assist your business with corporate finance if you are looking to raise capital, or can assist you if you are looking to sell your business or any of its assets, or buy another business.

real estate law

We can assist you in all areas of real estate law, including if you are buying or selling a home or piece of commercial real estate, refinancing, transferring title or obtaining a mortgage.

We offer many flat rate fees for services in this area.  Please contact us directly for a fee quote.

commercial law

Do you need someone to assist you in the negotiation of a lease, franchise agreement, employment agreement, non-competition agreement, non-solicitation agreement, non-disclosure agreement, indemnity agreement, service agreement, consulting agreement, management agreement or other corporate agreement? Olson Law Group would be pleased to provide assistance for any of your corporate/commercial legal needs.

will & estates law

Olson Law Group would be pleased to assist you in this area by drafting/updating your will, enduring power of attorney and personal directive.  We can also assist you when your loved ones pass away by preparing the application for a grant of probate or administration and by providing advice to the executor named in the will.

We offer many flat rate fees for services in this area.  Please contact us directly for a fee quote.

start-up company law

At Olson Law Group we understand the financial constraints facing start-up businesses.  We also understand the importance of seeking advice from capable legal counsel to assist in the formation and structure of your new venture.  With a flexible billing approach, and experienced corporate counsel, Olson Law Group can provide the right advice at a price that will fit your budget.


We would be happy to assist you if you need to provide a guarantee, statutory declaration, affidavit, certified true copy of a document or a consent for a minor to travel.